MeKayla Burnett

Meet MeKayla Burnett, a dynamic force of nature making waves as an international model, passionate plant-based activist, and the charismatic Miss Black California USA! But her journey doesn’t stop there. She’s also the brilliant mind behind “Kay So Plant Based,” a captivating blog that unlocks the secrets of crafting your own environmentally-friendly meals, catering to both beginner and expert home cooks.

Recognized as one of the “25 entrepreneurs under 25” in the prestigious Las Vegas Entrepreneur Magazine and featured in the esteemed Yahoo Finance, her impact on the world is undeniable. MeKayla’s precise mission? To bring equity to food distribution, combating food deserts in low-income neighborhoods by providing quality produce.

As the reigning Miss Black California USA 2024, her top priority will be to rebuild the connection between our hearts and the land, aiming to eliminate food insecurity in low-income neighborhoods. MeKayla believes culture and veganism can intertwine by offering an alternative way of eating without loosing the Soul.

She aims to revolutionize the food industry, urging us to shrink our carbon footprint nationally and globally.

With an unwavering commitment to providing resources and solutions for a greener, more sustainable future, MeKayla Burnett is the catalyst for change we all need. Embrace her captivating journey as she leads us towards a brighter, environmentally conscious world, one delicious plant-based recipe at a time. Get ready to be inspired!

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